Ezra is A Theory

Let me start with the more obvious clues…

First, Ezria is possibly the easiest relationship to destroy. But A has helped them out a number of times. A set up Noel with the tests so he couldn’t tell the principal about the teacher/student relationship. A tried to help get Jackie out of the picture. A almost seems proud of Aria for dating her teacher with texts like ‘lucky you some students have to do homework, but you get to do the teacher.’ Whereas other relationships receive less friendly texts … especially Haleb.

Aria sent a text to Ezra mentioning wanting to look into his eyes, and A is known for having pretty eyes.

He has a typewriter in his apartment.

The song Jenna played for The Bad Seed was playing in the hotel room next to Toby and Spencer. This easily could have been a Toby job, but it’s likely Ezra (the director of the play) had a copy of her music and could have put that together as well.

We all have focused on how Wren has access to everything in the hospital and Garrett had an in at the police station. But Ezra had access to everything at Rosewood High when he worked there. He had access to student lockers, the prop box, test scores, and so on. He had better access to all that, being a teacher, than Mona had being only a student.

The girls didn’t see anyone around in season one when they got the note “ding dong the bitch is dead” … but Ezra had just passed on his bike.

Lolita – the book connected to Vivian Darkbloom, is about a teacher being sexually attracted to young girls.

One A team member has to be old enough to drink, rent apartments and hotel rooms, look at Emily’s house, buy plane tickets… and so on. That person could easily be Ezra.

In the episode “unmAsked,” Mona got “unmasked” as being A, but if we are speaking literally… Ezra was the one who got unmasked at the masquerade ball.

Okay, so the first time I questioned Ezra was in season one when Garrett witnessed Aria leaving his apartment and went to have a chat with him. But we never found out what that conversation was about! Ezra said Garrett was just wondering about the Ian evidence… then what was with the million texts and panic attack? Also, you KNOW Garrett did not just forget about the fact that a young student of Ezra’s just left his apartment. This might be (in my mind) where Ezra joined something. He might have made some deal with Garrett like a “I’ll keep your secret if you do this for me’ deal. Possibly that’s why Ezra decided to join the A team … and why he killed Garrett … so his secrets could stay gone forever. The thing that’s interesting about Garrett’s death was that Hanna said “everyone on this train has something to do with Garrett” and not two seconds later did Ezra show up … who is supposed to have nothing to do with Garrett. But what if he does? What if that was the hint that he killed him or they had some sort of deal?

Let me talk about the episode of Jenna’s party. For one it is strange that he went. And the fact that he was there matches up with my theory that the parties like that are actually A meet ups. (I mean we didn’t see him half the night, what was he doing?) But it’s also really strange that when Lucas was trying to get into the photo studio and harassing Aria, Ezra happened to show up at the right time. And Lucas seemed rather scared of Ezra didn’t he? Maybe he knows something about Ezra.  How did Ezra know he needed to show up for Aria? I know he could have just been being a good boyfriend and checking on his girlfriend. But I’m having a hard time believing that, and it hardly explains Lucas’s reaction to seeing him. Now that I think of it do we really ever see Ezra with Lucas much or even Mona for that matter… not really? Interesting.

Moving on… after Hanna saw Ezra and Aria making out and Noel writing on Ezra’s car, she texted the girls saying she knew who A was. I can only guess what happened in that car. But I assume what happened is Aria got a text, checked it, told Ezra she had to go because Hanna needed her and then left. Now who knows who really hit Hanna, but maybe Ezra ran her down with a car because “she knew too much” … meaning she knew about the secret relationship.  He could have figured out she knew what was happening and decided to do something about it… it is possible!

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby. Ezra was having his class study Gatsby when A hit Hanna with a car. If you haven’t read Gatsby a female gets run over by a car… just an interesting coincidence.

There have been several other Gatsby references too. The sign outside the pawnshop says “Someone’s watching you…” and the image very much resembles Dr. T.J. Eckleburg in The Great Gatsby. Someone’s watching you… Great Gatsby… Fitzgerald… EZRA FITZ. This connection with Fitz and “someone’s watching you” could also be support to my theory that Ezra was involved with the NAT club.

I suppose the conversation he had with Garrett in his apartment could also been showing that they have a past … an NAT past.

His connection with the NAT club would explain a connection to Alison. A connection to Alison would explain why he PLANNED to meet Aria … for the second time.  A lot of you guys think there is no way Ezra did anything because he did not know Ali. Well first of all, as we saw with Byron in the Halloween episode, we have no idea about anyone’s past with Ali. There are so many secrets and lies there is NO way to know who really knew Ali and in what way. Second, WE SAW him with Ali in a flashback once. Yes briefly, but it was there! Aria and her ran into Ezra in the hallways of Hollis. It is because of this meeting that I also think Ezra’s meeting Aria in the bar in the first episode was completely planned out. This isn’t a show that throws funny coincidences in episodes like that just because … there had to be a purpose for putting that ‘hallway run-in’ in the flashback. As Marlene has said “There are no coincidences in Rosewood.”

That Marlene tweet can be related to Ezra in so so many ways. The first and major “coincidence” Ezra has is the with the $50,000 that happened to show up in Ezra’s sock drawer right after Jason got a call about Ali’s missing body and wrote a check for the same amount. Coincidence? But I thought there were no coincidences in Rosewood…

Marlene keeps referring to the second part of this season as 3B, “all will be revealed in 3B.” It’s interesting that all of sudden we are calling it that. No other season has been called 2B or 1B. Maybe she’s referring to, not only the season but also apartment 3B… Ezra’s apartment.

Speaking of his apartment. Why do he and Aria still never leave the apartment? They are free now but still never seem to want to go out and do anything. They certainly aren’t hiding from A because she’s going there all the time. So what’s the problem? To me it feels like Ezra is less committed to the relationship than he used to be. It could just be that point in the relationship where couples get stuck and don’t really do much. But I think it’s possible that he just doesn’t want to do anything to get closer to Aria because he doesn’t want to end up like Toby (who I believe is in love with Spencer and has gotten punished for that from the rest of the A team because of it).

Going along with that … you can’t argue the similarities between Toby and Ezra’s recent behavior. The almost identical guilty looks in the Halloween episode, the weird gazes off into nowhere, and not being around a lot. They are foreshadowing this a lot, which could mean they aren’t going in that direction. But it seems in the past, all the A team members have been foreshadowed but we as a fandom were slightly blind to the hints. Like with Toby, there were so many clues that we all just didn’t want to see and weren’t looking for. But after that shock, I’m looking into every character for you (:

Going on … why was Ezra so upset about Jason’s presence at the Montgomery dinner? Yes, one could say he was jealous and protective. Or did he not want him there because he has a past with him… an NAT past? An ‘I killed your little sister’ past?

Some more hints from this Halloween episode…

Bryan Holdman shared with us that Ezra WAS wearing a costume … big hint. He could have been the Queen of Hearts… but I’m not completely convinced about that. I think he could have been the Caleb-poser … I mean, that person is obviously a man (check that Adams apple).

Also he told Aria that he had something going on in Philly that HAD to be that night, which is why he couldn’t make it to the Halloween train. Okay, if it had just been left at that, if he didn’t go to the train or anything I would have believed him. But no, he showed up at the end. He told Aria he wanted to surprise her AFTER the party had ended so he drove by the train tracks to the end. What happened to your one night only meeting?? Also whose mind would be like ‘oh here’s a good idea, I think I’ll bail on the party but surprise my girlfriend after it’s all over and Halloween is done.’

Plus the fact that he found out before anyone else that something happened on the train is clearly suspicious. He would have had to have some inside to know what happened. He showed up on the train right after the cops had called all the parents. How did he find out before all the parents? It wouldn’t be on the news before informing family members that something happened. He found out from someone on the inside… or he was there when it all happened.

The last point I’m going to make is … you can’t ignore the fact that he is missing a lot and he accepted the “Jenna thing” and A way too easily. Finding out those secrets about your girlfriend would be really shocking. But he seemed to just brush them off.

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