Hanna is A Theory

Let’s face it … out of all the liars, Hanna wanted to BE Alison. That may have been reason enough for her to kill her. Hanna was bullied by her a lot and tortured herself because of advice from Ali (bulimia). I just find it a little strange that when Ali disappeared, all the girls stopped talking, and Hanna (with Mona) became the new queen of Rosewood High. I feel if my friend disappeared, I would not instantly try and take her place because I would be hoping she would come back.

The fact that the girls all went their separate ways after the night of Ali’s disappearance is proof alone that at least one of them knows (or did) something. That person could be Hanna.

Have you noticed how she’s always the last one awake when there are big things happening? During the night of Ali’s disappearance, when Emily went off the rail and the night of the school lock in – Hanna wakes up last like she has no idea what’s going on. Now Hanna is a bit ditzy, but that could all just be an act. Sometimes the one who looks the most innocent is actually guilty.

What’s with Hanna’s friends? Or maybe I should write… how does she pick terrible friends? Mona, Lucas, Wren … she even set Aria up with Noel. For someone that seems so judgmental about other suspects who seem to be innocent (Jenna, Garrett, Jason), she is quite drawn to the people that are actually guilty of something.

While we are talking about it… WHY ARE YOU STILL BEFRIENDING MONA? Is no one else suspicious of that? I understand if she went and visited her once to make sure she was okay, after all the were best friends, but visiting as much as she does just does not make sense. Mona ruined her life and tortured her, why would Hanna want to still be buddy-buddy with a person like that? We know that drugs were getting out of Radley because of Mona and we all jumped on Lucas or Wren for being her outside help. But what about Hanna, she is just as capable of sneaking out drugs. And was even more capable of dropping them in Emily’s drink.

It’s possible Hanna joined very late in the game too:

Hanna was upset when she found out all the liars and Caleb were lying to her and working together on the videos. That probably made her feel how she did all those years Ali was alive … and outcast. She forgave and forgot very easily, which one may argue is just her personality, but maybe that event made her realize how much she hated Ali and wanted revenge on everyone for how Ali treated her.

Hanna has been hurt by the A team the most at this point in the show. Spencer does not know her boyfriend is apart of the team yet; otherwise she is up there too. But Hanna was hurt when she found out about Mona. And Hanna is the only one that has been physically hurt by A… she got hit by a car. Hanna may want revenge the most out of all the liars. And she has the most inside at this point (or knows about the inside she has), so maybe she joined the team to take them down. We don’t know what all went down at those Radley visits, maybe Hanna told Mona: I want in. Several A attacks have happened this season when Hanna was present and in each of those attacks every liar has gotten out alive… Aria was saved, Emily and Hanna got out of Noel’s cabin in one piece (but if Hanna wasn’t there maybe Emily wouldn’t have had it so easy).  Hanna may have known those things were coming and was prepared to stop them from following through without looking like the hero.  The only house that has been broken into this season (that we know of) has been Hanna’s, and Hanna could have easily just put that board in her kitchen herself. 

If Hanna is apart of the A team, I think there’s a huge possibility it is to take them down.  This season especially, she has been the most dead set on taking them down by any means possible.

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