Emily is A Theory

Emily and A seem to be real buddy – buddy.  I’ve mentioned before how her texts are friendlier or more helpful.

When Emily was focused on Ian’s suicide note, A sent her a text saying “Em is it just me? Or does that suicide note look familiar?” That is either just another example of how A likes to help out Emily or a way of saying ‘I know what you did.’  After all she pieced together that puzzle really fast.

Emily’s got an attitude sometimes… sorry it’s true.

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that Emily was the first person to befriend Toby.  If Toby has been apart of the A team since season one then well, maybe that’s what brought them together initially. And I constantly say that I don’t think certain people can be on the A team together (like Aria and Ezra) because we see too much of their relationship and when the couples are alone together we would have gotten clues that they are on the A team together. With Toby and Emily we don’t see enough of their relationship to really see that, which means they could easily be on the team together.

A watches wheel of fortune and Emily has been watching that show since she was three.

Emily’s always trying to act like she’s the wink link. Yes she does act like that. Hear me out and don’t go jumping on me yet. I know everyone else calls her the weak link, but let’s be honest she plays the part pretty well. Any time someone brings up Maya she makes a point to be heard.  That is why everyone thinks she’s so fragile! You can’t interrupt a toast to senior year with ‘we didn’t all make it (to the end of high school)’ and not assume that everyone is then going to give you a sad look and then be careful what they say to you. You can’t sit in a dark room for hours and cry and then pretend you are over the death of your girlfriend.

People constantly say Aria separates herself from the group.  But I actually think Emily is apart from the group more.  We know that when Aria is away she is with Ezra.  But Emily legitimately disappears and no one knows where she is. She is best known for her disappearing in the middle of the night trick. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. How the hell did Emily get drugged when every single one of those girls were drinking from the same flask? It simply does not make sense. One of the biggest complaints I get about my ‘Emily is A theory’ is … why would she drug herself? Well let me point out a few things that I think help support that she did.

In episode 3x08 Paige said “If I ever find out who put that stuff in your flask, I swear I’ll kill them.” And Emily was upset that she said this and told her she didn’t want her to say that or mean it. Which might make sense… she has seen too much murder in her day and she doesn’t like to joke about death. But wait, hasn’t she done that before …  episode 1x20 she says, “If Caleb hurts Hanna, he’s a dead man. (awkward pause) Not literally, I mean… I gotta go” Interesting, why would Emily get so upset about Paige wanting to kill the person that DRUGGED Emily, when she’s going around saying she will kill her best friends boyfriend if he hurts her. Perhaps because Emily doesn’t want Paige to kill her? I’m just saying… you can disagree if you want, but one reason Emily might not have wanted Paige to say those things is because Emily drugged herself and wants the whole situation to be forgotten so she can make out with Paige.

Okay point two.  In the 3A finale, when the girls were hot on the Paige is a trail, Spencer said that Paige drugging herself was a “classic Sharon Stone move.”  She was referencing a movie where a woman wrote a murder mystery novel to cover up for the murder she was about to commit.  If she thinks Paige is capable of this, why shouldn’t we think Emily is too?  She drugged herself to cover up stealing Ali’s body. Is that not really obvious to anyone else? I’m not saying she did that alone, but come on! I really think Spencer bringing that up was a HUGE clue. And not just to make the audience turn against Paige, but to bring up the idea of a cover up.  Did anyone else ever think that maybe A was created by one of the liars to cover up for what she did?  While we are on the topic, the most popular question I get is “why would so and so do this to his or herself if he/she is A?” There are two answers to that question, either … well that person isn’t A so that’s not a problem OR to make it seem like he/she isn’t A! Okay I think I’ve made my point I’ll move on. 

You are all also going to say, ‘why would Emily try to kill herself by locking herself in the barn or Noel’s lake house.’ One, cover up. Two, she got out of every one of those situations unharmed. How did she get out of that barn? Ali… maybe. But maybe not.  Fans constantly say that Aria gets off easy and correct me if I’m wrong, but Emily gets off pretty easy also.  Stuff happens to her, I know this! But she comes out of every situation completely unharmed. The barn… well she didn’t die.  The whole steroids in her system… that information never got out and she didn’t have to pay any price for that!

I’m sure there is more supportive detail for my points but you get the idea. I think a lot of people write off Emily because of a lot of the points I talked about, but honestly she’s probably my number one suspect currently. 

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