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Tyshley Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson 
April 2013 and June 2014

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∟ preview from a new Shay photoshoot (x) (x) (x) (x)

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We Love You To DeAth

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Anonymous asked:
This just In the pilot when Emily and Aria meets outside of the school, Aria says "We've kind of lost touch, Emily, remember?" And then Emily says "That's what we had to do"... I don't know if it is because i have read so many theories about the girls doing something "That night", but it just seemed odd to me...

I know what conversation you’re talking about but I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say…

We’ve been led to believe that one year past before A did anything to the girls. So if you’re trying to say they had to lose touch because of Ali or A making them I don’t think so JUST BECAUSE that’s the one thing we’ve been led to believe that seems true. It would be frustrating if even that was a lie. I also don’t think she meant they had to because they were part of Ali’s plan… because we’ve been led to believe that is not true as well. 

I think Aria just meant they lost touch because such a tragic thing happened, and none of them really had anything in common except for Ali. So, they gave each other space and time to heal. They didn’t do that together because they were never really that good of friends when Ali was in the picture. They were just all friends with Ali. Yea?

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"I just won Instagram, bitch" (x)

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And that is immortality, my darling.

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