megzy90: "So since the timeline is so screwy that means 3 people have been murdered in a month. Garret, Wilden and now Mona. I love the show but I'm with you on the whole timeline crap."

And Shana and Mrs. Dilaurentis .. so 5. Like that’s a lot…

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RIP Mona Vanderwaal

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Anonymous: "I definitely agree with you that the PLL timeline is so messed up. Mona was sent to Radley in April for several months, this leads to October, perfect time for Halloween special. This half of the season finished on Thanksgiving in their world, meaning it's still November. So since Halloween they are trying to say that all this stuff has happened in 4 weeks...31 days....what the heck!"

I know. And the Halloween is Halloween train, which was season 3! People keep thinking that Ravenswood was Halloween, but it wasn’t just released to us around Halloween. Beginning of season 3 the girls started senior year. Now it’s almost winter break of senior year in season 5…

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Spencer Hastings - 5x12. Taking This One To The Grave

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fatal finale - i'm done.


This is a rant. So, sorry if you were hoping for something else. This show has frustrated me for the past two seasons and I think I am officially done. Here’s what’s bothering me right now…

The writers have no concept of time. This is the third season that the liars are in…

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Anonymous: "2 more seasons I was still in high school when I started watching. Thought it would be quicker then reading the books :( sigh"

hahahaha right! I will be in my over 25 years old watching this…. if there are only two more seasons 

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make me choose ♡ krisbianessa​ asked

↳ mona vanderwaal or melissa hastings?

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If Jason comes back I will OBV watch though.

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Anonymous: "are you actually really done watching the show? just wondering lol"


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Anonymous: "I completely agree with your rant! Took the words right out of my mouth. Are you actually done with the show? Please tell me you're not deactivating your account :("

Not deactivating. I will still be posting. At this point I think I am done with PLL though. I will still post about the actors and other shows too.. I don’t know people sometimes don’t like multifan blogs but it’s what I want to do….

this blog is for you guys though. so let me know if you are totally against me incorporating other fandoms into this blog. 

i’ve also been wanting to post teen wolf theories… would you guys like that?

play--crack--the-sky: "You won't be sticking around to find out ?! You're done with pll?"

I would like to know what happens. I would not like to wait 2+ years to find out what happens and continue to get bullshit story lines in the process. But I’m done will PLL, yes. I might watch, I might not. If they weren’t going on break, I would not be watching next week. 

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Anonymous: "To your rant about the finale, Mona dies in the book and because the tv show is based on the book it makes sense, even if it isn't the same situation. We also know who killed Maya and it wouldn't be dumb to give someone a twin because again, the books"

They made a decision to not follow the books. So, I do not care about the books. A twin would be dumb, in my opinion. It would be the worst decision they could make because literally everyone would expect it and the reaction wouldn’t be OMG it would be … oh okay. No one would care. 

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Anonymous: "this show is getting so messed up. between the timeline and Mona being murdered, I think I might stop watching too"

I just can’t take 2+ more years of this. Obviously I want to know what happens, but I’m just fed up at this point. This SHOULD HAVE BEEN the last season.

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